Frequently Asked Questions

Bretons Community Association & Bretons Social Club

Bretons Community Association (the “Association”) is the registered charity (no 1067432) which is responsible for the day to day running of the site which encompasses the 17th century Manor House (Bretons Manor), the Hall (also known as Bretons Outdoor Recreation Centre) and Tudor Barn.

The Social Club and the various affiliated clubs and groups that use the site are part of the Association with individual members of the various clubs also members of the social club if included in their club fees with some groups leaving it to their members to take out membership to the Association individually (usually if taking out a Family/Double membership).

Bretons Social Club is the members only family friendly social club that operates out of the ground floor of the Manor House. The social club has its own onsite bar and lounge on the right of the house and a games room on the left. Whilst the toilets in the house are available for all members of the affiliated clubs and groups the social club facilities are only available to members of the social club. Membership to the social club is available to anyone who is a member of an affiliated club or any resident living in the community of Havering or neighbouring boroughs like Dagenham.

Bretons Social Club Facilities & Use

The bar/lounge and games room at Bretons is only available to members of the social club. The bar and lounge are on the ground floor to the right of the entrance; where we have two TV’s one behind the bar and the other at the front of the lounge with Sky and TNT Sports available on both. There is a jukebox and three fruit machines for use by our members.

The Games (family) room is opposite the lounge (to the left of the entrance) and has a TV, Dart Board and Pool Table. This room can also be hired privately by members for private functions.

Within the entrance lobby guests will find two notice boards; the left containing information from the Social Club and the right information about/from some of our affiliated clubs/groups.

The basement, first and second floors of the house is off limits to members of the social club and are used by affiliated clubs/groups. Meeting rooms on the first floor can however be hired by members by prior arrangement for meetings at a cost of £17 per room.

The Social Club runs regular entertainment throughout the year, including St Patrick’s & St George’s day events, Karaoke & Cabaret nights, live music from bands/singers, Golf away days, Quiz nights and our annual Beer and Cider Festival. These events are open to all social club members and members should regularly check the Calendar and Events section of this website, Facebook and Instagram as well as the notice boards within the bar for details of future events.

It is a requirement of our Licence and the law that all persons aged 18 years of age or over MUST be a Member of the Social Club OR signed in as a guest by an existing member to use the Social Club.

Bretons Social Club Membership

If you are not part of any affiliated group/club; membership to the Social Club can be taken out by joining the Association directly. The costs are £10 for Single Memberships, £15 Double/Family, £5 for OAPs. Please bring a valid form of ID with you (driving licence / passport etc) and visit during opening hours to speak to a member of the committee or bar staff about joining.

Membership is only available to adults aged 18 years and over. You must always bring your membership card with you as committee and bar staff do carry out regular membership checks; please do not take offense if asked to show proof you are a member. Additionally, the club operates a Challenge 25 policy. If you are fortunate enough to look younger then your years, you will be asked for proof of ID if you approach the bar.

ID for proof of age shall only comprise a passport, a photo card driving licence, an EU/EEA national ID card or similar document, or an industry approved proof of identity card (such as PASS The National Proof of Age Standards Scheme)

It is a requirement of our Licence and Club Rules that all new applicants applying for membership to the Social Club must wait 48 hours before they are able to use club facilities; this includes being served at the bar.

Members are permitted a maximum of 2 guests when they visit. All guests must be signed in at the bar upon immediate arrival. A donation of £1 is requested for charity per guest.

Who to contact when on site

A Committee Member or Associate Committee Member will be available on site whenever the Social Club is open. The entrance lobby immediately to the right of the doorway into the bar/lounge contains the in/out movement board and will show which committee member is currently on site/duty should members have any need for assistance. Our bar staff can also contact the relevant committee member if necessary and will handle any issues directly related to the bar for example guest sign-in’s.

Renewal of Membership

Membership is yearly and runs from April 1st to March 31st. Due to the number of members and associated clubs, renewals are open from January of each year. We would also request members renewing to have their old membership card along with ID.

We will run promotional material about membership renewals across our social media platforms and in the bar from January of each year.

Social Club and Children

Bretons Social Club is a family friendly club and children are welcome.

However, it is a requirement of our license that children are not permitted at Bretons unless accompanied by an appropriate adult. Children therefore must be fully supervised by a responsible adult at all times; children under 16 are not permitted in the bar area (marked by the silver/grey oak vinyl flooring) or allowed to approach the bar. They are permitted in the lounge, games room and rear garden (they can order soft drinks, sweets and ice creams during the summer from the garden windows).

We would also ask that members bringing children be respectful of other members who may be visiting for a quiet drink or social gathering as well as members trying to watch any sporting events and ensure that they are not unduly disturbed.

Parents should note that the ground floor toilets are available for use by all members of the affiliated clubs and businesses using the house not just the social club so we request that younger children are always accompanied.

Please note that footballs are not permitted in the Lounge / Games room and children coming in from playing football in the surrounding fields must remove muddy and/or studded football boots. Football boots are not permitted in the house.

Unaccompanied Children are strictly prohibited. Under the Licensing Act 2003 an adult can not be classed as a responsible person able to supervise a child if drunk; as such any member we suspect of becoming intoxicated will be refused service and asked to leave.

Social Club and Guests

Each member of the Social Club is entitled to bring up to two guests when they visit. Guests must be signed in upon entry and leave with the member – they are not permitted to remain on site after the club member has left. Guests must have appropriate ID so we can confirm they are over 18, if no ID is provided your guests will be asked to leave.

Bar staff or the committee member on duty can sign any guests in and a donation of £1 is requested to go into the charity jar for each guest. Guests will be given a guest slip they should keep with them whilst on site.

Members are responsible for their guests at all times and should ensure that their guests behaviour does not negatively impact the welcoming family friendly nature of the club.

Social Club & Dogs

Bretons Social Club is dog friendly and members are welcome to bring trained and well behaved dogs into the bar/lounge or garden. We already have several members who regularly bring their beloved Dachshund, Rottweilers, Terriers etc in.

For safety reasons:

  • All dogs must be kept on a lead when on our grounds.
  • Please ensure your pets do not block doorways or lay down on paths between tables where they could pose a trip hazard or be stepped on.
  • No dogs are permitted in the bar during busy periods.
Hiring of Premises

Whether you are hiring our Manor Rooms, Games Room, Barn or Hall we require a hiring / booking agreement to be completed and a deposit paid (Hall) to secure a booking. Agreements are available from behind the bar in the Manor House – please speak to a member of staff or a Committee Member.

Hire Fees per night Monday to Thursday:
Manor Rooms – £17.00
Barn – £25.00
Hall – £55.00

Games Room:
Monday to Thursday (evenings) – £17.00
Weekend afternoon / evening – £50.00

Hall with Bar:
Friday and Saturdays – £350

Hall without Bar:
Friday and Saturdays – £300

Sunday Hall bookings are by prior arrangement only and at an agreed hourly rate.

Members rates for booking the Hall Friday or Saturday are available for members who have been a Member for at least 6 months prior to a booking being made.

A booking deposit of £100 is required when booking the hall with the balance due at least two weeks before the booked event. Additionally, a minimum security deposit of £100 cash is required prior to using the hall, returnable after the premises has been vacated and checked by a member of staff.

The booking diary is kept in the Manor House; as such the best way to confirm availability is to attend the bar during our opening hours and speak to a member of staff or the Committee Member on duty. Enquiries made via email or social media concerning availability are welcome but may take at least 24 hours or more to confirm.

General enquiries can be made via social media or email to these will be passed on to our Bar Manager Gemma Reynolds who is responsible for all our Hall Bookings if we are unable to answer straightaway.

Hiring of the Tudor Barn, Manor Rooms and Games Room is only available to affiliated clubs/groups or Social Club members.

Food and Drink

Hot & cold food is not currently available at Bretons Social Club. We do have a traditional range of bar snacks with several flavours of Pringles, various flavours of crisp, Salted & Dry Roasted Peanuts, Pork Scratchings, Twiglets, Scampi and chocolate bars such as Kit-Kat, Fredo, Milky Bar, Maltesers and Twix.

We have a selection of alcoholic drinks including the usual range of lagers, Guinness, Belhaven Black and Inch’s Cider on tap. We have regular guest ales and a selection of bottled larges, ciders and IPA’s. We also have a wide selection of spirits including numerous Gin’s and a selection of white wines.

We also have a selection of 0% Lager, Cider and Stout. With soft drinks, J2O’s, Fruit drinks including Orange Juice, Tea and Coffee also available.

Glasses are not permitted in our gardens. If you intend to sit in one of our gardens (either at the front of rear of the house), please advise the bar staff when ordering.

Please note whilst we welcome members bringing in their own food or ordering in, you are not permitted to bring in your own alcoholic drinks, or snacks that we already serve. Takeaway and food containers need to be cleared away from our tables and taken with you. We may permit you to dispose of your food waste in our commercial bins at the rear of the building if you enquire with the member on duty beforehand.

As per the terms of our license and to comply with the Licensing Act 2003; children are not allowed to approach the bar this includes for non-alcoholic drinks or sweets / chocolates. Please purchase these for your children who should remain in the family areas and not within the bar area.

Alcohol will only be supplied (sold) to members of the club, guests may purchase alcohol once signed in and having provided proof of ID that they are over 18 years old. Supply and sales of alcohol to anyone under 18 is strictly prohibited. Anyone; members or guests who look under 25 will be challenged and asked to provide ID / membership card when first served.

Social Media

Bretons Community Association and Social Club are active on Facebook and Instagram. Links below:

Facebook – Bretons Community Association and Social Club

Instagram – Bretons Community Association and Social Club

We advise members to like and follow our pages to receive the latest and most up to date information and news in regards to opening hours, closing times, events, live sports and sudden closures.

Photos may be taken within the social club or hall by Committee Members and posted on our Facebook page or as an Instagram Reel during entertainment events such as Karaoke or Cabaret nights; during social events such as Oktoberfest or St George’s Day or during live sporting events such the Euros or 6 Nations.

Should you not wish to be included in any such photos, please make it known to the Committee Member at the time and we will take reasonable steps to ensure you are not included. However, this may not always be possible; if for example you are sitting at a table directly in front of the performer we are trying to capture etc.

For existing photos appearing on Facebook or Instagram, please speak to either Tom Nolan (Facebook) or Chris Foot (Instagram) if you would like a picture you are in that has been posted removed.

Live Sports

The Social Club has both Sky and TNT Sports available for our members across 3 large TV’s. We can show different sporting events on our main lounge TV and bar TV at the same time; additionally the TV in our games room can show whatever is currently being watched on the main TV in the lounge.

Sports – Premier League football is shown whenever we are open with West Ham games prioritised for the majority of our members. Premiership Rugby is also shown; mainly games on Friday night and Saturday 3pm KO with Saracens games prioritised.

We show other sports where there is demand, F1, Darts, Golf, Cricket, Snooker and Horse Racing. However, large sporting events featuring the England National Squad such as the Euros, Football World Cup, 6 Nations, Rugby World Cup and other International games will always take priority.

Big sporting events will be listed under our Calendar and Events page and we would advise that you follow our Facebook page at which we update daily with posts about what games are being shown in the bar that day/week.


We have recently installed new wifi and have now set up free wifi for guests. Please see signage up in the bar or ask a member of staff or a committee member for the log in details. Please note we reserve the right to limit wifi as necessary

If you have a question that is not covered by any of the topics above, please do not hesitate to contact a committee member by emailing and either the Chairman or the Secretary will get back to you.